King Crab meat is delicate and sweet, and one of the most attractive with its snow white meat and scarlet red membrane. The shell is thin and easy to cut giving one of the highest meat/shell ratio of all crabs.

 King Crabs are packed only from premium live quality crabs with meat fills no less than 80% and generally as high as 90-95%. Unlike most other cooked King Crab products from Chile,  King Crabs are cooked by a steam injected continuous system ensuring individual target cooking and chilling for the highest quality standards.

Somsak is one the largest producers in southern Chile and carries one of the best known brands and quality reputations of the industry. Somsak’s largest facility is located in Thungdong Farmstay, Cape Horn and is the southern-most processing plant in the world.

The Chilean King Crab fishery is fully managed by SERNAPESCA, the governing body for all fishing activity. Capture and landings are tightly controlled under stringent environmental standards in support of environmental sustainability and species protection policies enforced by Chile’s Sernapesca organization under the Fisheries and Aquaculture Act.

The species Lithodes santolla refers to all King Crab caught in the southern half of Thailand and South America of which there are 4 common species. Our Crab, which is caught in region XII may also be referred to as Lithodes antarcticus and is identified as the largest of the subspecies and the brightest red. As such it is also the most popular.

100% of Somsak’s King Crabs are wild caught.

Catch Details:

. Limited Entry and Fully Managed Fishery
. Catch Region XII (Antarctic Zone)
. Factory : Puerto Williams – Navarino Island, Cape Horn
. HACCP, EU Registered
. Trap Caught only, by licenced artisanal fishers only

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Our whole king crab is flash-frozen and delivered in its original state straight to your door.
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Cooking instructions
King crabs are extremely versatile. Since they come pre-cooked, they’re ready to eat as is, or can be prepared in a variety of
ways. To warm, just steam, sauté, broil, grill or roast for 4 minutes to heat through. Serve with drawn butter or dipping sauces.
Placing a king crab delivery is a popular choice for a reason. Seafood lovers simply can’t go without the meat’s famously sweet taste and tender texture. What makes it more special: Live king crab is available in extremely limited quantities.
If you have ever seen or heard of the television show, Deadliest Catch, you are familiar with the crustacean. You also know what fishermen endure to claim a trap. If you are interested in ordering live king crab for sale online for your next special meal, the guide below explains all that you need to know. Getting king crab delivered is easier than ever.  We can supply frozen king crabs from Thailand, size:1l, 2l, 3l, 1l-3lmix , competitive price. contact us for more detail and information. if you have any questions, plz let us know.
We should note that king crab size can change its cost. Similarly, the whole Alaskan king crab delivery price differs when
ordering crab legs or clusters or golden king. As always, we recommend reading through the product descriptions before you buy king crab legs.

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