Five Pound Stone Crab Gift Boxes For Sale


How many claws in a pound?
Medium Up to 3 ounces each 6 to 7 claws per pound
Large 3 to 5 ounces each 4 to 5 claws per pound
Jumbo 5 to 7 ounces each 2 to 3 claws per pound
Colossal More than 7 ounces each About 2 claws per pound
Super Colossal 9 ounces and up

Five Pound Stone Crab Gift Boxes For Sale

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Turn any occasion into a special occasion. Our Gift Boxes are our most popular item and your best value. Five pounds of our succulent Stone Crab Claws, Papa Hughie’s One Homemade Mustard Sauce and mallet. We’ll enclose a gift card with your personalized message. A gift that will surely make a lasting impression.

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